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Loki Laufeyson wasn't the most popular kid in school. He didn't have many friends, or rather any friends at all. His hair was too black, his skin too pale. His posture was too formal, his vocabulary too educated. If you asked any other student in school, they'd merely shrug and say, "He's nothing like his brother." Loki's brother, Thor, was the star quarterback of the school football team. He was loud and cheerful, friendly yet loyal. Loki was, in fact, nothing like his brother. He preferred quiet places such as the Library, or an empty classroom for him to sit alone and catch up on his reading. So it was until one day, when his English teacher assigned him a partner for their next book project, that Loki's life flipped upside-down.

"Loki, your partner shall be," Miss Grey paused as she glanced down at her roll card, "Tony."

Tony Stark let out a sudden groan as other kids let out a flurry of giggles. Loki forced himself not to let out a low growl as his mind immediately thought, Great, I get the most popular, richest, and the most arrogant kid in school. Fantastic.

"Miss G., can't I get another partner?" Tony complained. The teacher shot a stern look at the boy who was leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on his desk.

"No, Mr. Stark, you cannot because you are failing this class, and Loki is the smartest one here." Her brows furrowed. "So maybe he'll help you get your head straight. And get your feet off the desk!"

Tony let out a sigh, sliding his feet to the floor and smacking his chair back onto all four legs. He didn't continue arguing, but he obviously didn't look pleased. Loki slumped his shoulders as he buried his face in his arms on the desk. This was going to be a nightmare.

x   x   x

"I can't believe you got paired up with Loner Loki," Clint snickered with his arm wrapped around Natasha's waist. Thor threw a glare towards the teenager.

"Excuse me, Barton, but that is my brother you speak of!" the quarterback growled. Steve raised his hands, letting out a sigh.

"Thor, calm down. And Clint, don't call someone names behind their back. It's rude." He jerked a thumb behind him, in the direction of the back of the school, where the field was. "Either way, I have to get to practice before Coach Logan rips my neck open for being late again." Thor dipped his head, stepping away from Tony's side.

"Aye. We cannot be late once more, Rogers." He waved a hand at them. "Farewell my friends! I shall greet you tomorrow!" And they were off.

Clint watched them go, frowning. "Does anyone know why Thor talks like that?"

"Because he was born in Norway and was raised in that sort of Norse manner," T'challa suddenly spoke from behind them. They turned and greeted the African, but he quickly slid his eyes to Tony and raised an eyebrow. "So I heard you got paired up with Loki for the English project?" he pointed out, obviously expecting more details. Stark sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, no big deal. He'll probably just do all the work by himself."

"You can't expect Miss Grey to let you do that?" Natasha noted, narrowing her eyes. "You're going to have to do at least 25 percent of the work, Tony."

"You could go talk to him now," Clint sniggered, jerking his head towards the lockers, where Loki stood with his fingers twisting his locker combination. Alone.

Tony glared at him. "Why should I?" he snapped. Natasha laughed.

"Cause you have to figure out when you guys'll meet up to do the project." She shrugged. "Might as well get it over with."

Tony sighed and turned away from them without another word. Some bunch of friends they were. He felt their eyes burn into his back as he strutted across the hallway, and over to the black-haired boy.

"Hey, Loki," he greeted, casually nodding. Loki's eyes flicked to him, and Tony only realized up close how incredibly green they were.

"Good afternoon, Stark," the teen said politely. Tony's eyebrows shot up, surprised to hear the smooth English accent that rolled off of Loki's tongue. He couldn't tell whether he was surprised to hear that he was English, or that he'd never known that his voice sounded that smooth before. Stark had never really heard the green eyed teen say something more than a 'Hello,' or another short reply. Tony frowned.

"I thought you were born in Norway?" he asked, slightly catching Loki off guard. The teen eyed him, expression unreadable.

"Thor and his family were born in Norway," he answered, lips pressing tightly together. "I, however, was born in Great Britain."

It took Tony a moment to realize what he was saying. His eyes widened. "You're adopted?"Loki nodded. Short and curt. Stark bit his bottom lip, trying to remember why he had come over. He brightened. "Oh yeah! So about this English project-"

"Just come over to my house after school. You won't have to do much. Just write a few sentences," he cut in. The teen waved a hand, turning back to his locker with his back to Tony. "Then you can go back to partying with your friends, or whatever it is you do with your popularity."

Tony stood there in silence for a moment, wondering what was with the sudden sharp tone in Loki's voice. He didn't like it. "What do you mean?"

Loki grabbed a History book after pushing his Literature book inside. He shut his locker, turning back to Stark and staring down at the shorter teen. "Nothing, just forget it. I'll see you after school." And he strode off, down the hall and to whatever it is he had to do. Tony stood there in front of Loki's locker, watching the boy go without realizing it. He had seen his eyes flash a darker shade of green when he had turned back to look at him. And the rumors people had whispered about him were completely wrong. Loki wasn't someone people should be nervous of or fear. He should be someone the girls swoon at every time he walks by with that incredulous face of his. With how his dark, black eyebrows curve perfectly to frame those emerald jewels underneath them, and how his amazingly smooth and pimple-free face looked beautifully pale yet peach at the same time. And how his silky black hair wasn't too long, yet too short, and merely flowed down to his neck far enough to tickle his ears. And how-

"Yo! Stark? You there?" Clint shouted, waving his hand in front of his face, snapping the teenager back to life.

"Huh? What?" he stuttered, blinking rapidly and glancing around to see his friends had rushed up to him as soon as Loki had left to see what had happened. And it looked like Bruce and Pepper had joined them. Pepper grinned.

"Ooh, I think somebody has a crush!" she giggled. Bruce smiled. Tony glared, his face burning.

"I do not!" he snapped, clenching his fists. "It's just, he has an English accent, and that just sort of distracted me!"

T'challa raised an eyebrow. "He's English?" Clint frowned and Tony let out a sigh. Now he had to explain everything before the final bell rang. Great.

x   x   x

Loki sat on the couch in the living room, his binder open in his lap as he worked on homework. Thor raced inside and made a running leap onto the couch. Loki glared at his brother, flipping his pencil over and erasing a jagged line that he had accidentally jerked across the paper.

"Thor, you made my paper look ugly!" he scolded. "Shouldn't you be working on your homework?"

Thor shrugged, his wide grin still on his lips. "Nay, but I'll finish it before I go to sleep." He stretched his arms over his head, letting out an obnoxious yawn as he leaned over, laying his head in his brother's lap. He wiggled his eyebrows. "Why don't you take a break, Loki?" he suggested, his bright blue eyes glinting. Loki frowned, pulling his binder and homework out from under Thor, and dropping it onto the coffee table.

"Thor, as I've said before, that was one time. I'm not looking into doing it again."

Thor sighed and pouted, reaching up and playing with his adopted brother's raven hair. "But why not?" he complained. Loki rolled his eyes and was about to answer when the doorbell rang. Thor perked up, already jumping off the couch and rushing over to see who it was.

"Ah! Stark! What brings you here?" he greeted loudly, grinning. Tony raised an eyebrow.

"Loki didn't tell you?" he asked. "I'm his English partner, remember? He told me to come over after school today so we could work on it."

Thor blinked. "Oh, yes, he told me! I've seemed to have forgotten. Loki's in the living room."

Tony stepped inside, glancing around. He's only been to Thor's house once, and that was because the great lug had thrown a huge party while his parents were out of town. And even then, Loki had stayed in his room, and had refused to come out because he insisted that he had to study for a test the coming week. He crossed the hallway and entered the living room, his throat instantly drying as he caught sight of an incredible scene.

Loki sat on the couch, his left arm drawn over the back of it with his hand hanging limply off the edge. He wore a black tank top that showed a beautiful amount of skin, and plain blue jeans that tightly hugged the teen's legs to show off his slim figure. Loki's right leg was thrown over the left in a casual manner, and his feet were bare to reveal perfectly shaped feet with perfectly trimmed toe nails. Tony stared, dead silent for a moment as Loki glanced over his shoulder and blinked his green eyes at Stark, looking slightly surprised.

"Oh. You're early," he commented, turning back to peer at the wall clock to his right. It was only 4 pm, and school had only gotten over half an hour ago. Tony felt his face heat up. I knew I should've waited longer, goddammit!

"Er, well, I just thought that the earlier I got, the quicker we could finish this," he said, the words sounding harsher than he had intended to. And totally not the right signals he wanted to give to this angel. Loki looked away and down at his right hand that was in his lap.

"Alright. It's good you came, then," he murmured, and Tony inwardly punched himself in the face, screaming, You idiot, you idiot!

"No, it's not that I want to get this over with, it's that I just didn't know what time to come or what time you'd want me to come, and when you asked me that, I don't know what happened and words just came out of my mouth," he said all in one go. Loki glanced up at him, raising a slim eyebrow. He nodded slowly, and it looked like he was about to say something when Thor suddenly stormed into the scene.

"Loki, what is wrong with you?" he exclaimed, and Tony was instantly confused. Loki glared at his brother, but Thor continued. "Just because I was one time, and you got embarrassed means we can't ever do it again just for fun at least, and then Tony comes in and you're all ears for him- Is that right, Loki?"

"Wait, what is happening-"

"Thor, for the last and final time: That was an accident!" he snapped, catching Tony off guard. He had never heard Loki raise his voice like that, nor ever see him this annoyed. Thor seemed to have been shocked too, for he now took a step back, looking hurt. Loki's glare faltered, and he blinked at his brother in defeat. "Thor," he began, standing up to face him properly. The blond raised his hands.

"Brother, please."

Loki sighed. "Brother. That's right. That's what I am to you. And that's all I ever will be," he tried to break the words through his brother's thick skull as gently as he could. Thor's hands lowered and they stood there for a moment in silence. Tony was about to say something when he stopped himself. This didn't feel like the proper time to be an ass. Brotherly moment, here.

The two stared at each other, seeming to have a conversation with their mere eyes. Thor nodded after awhile and turned, passing Tony with an apologetic look before disappearing down the hallway. Tony and Loki stood there alone.

"So…" Stark mumbled. "Mind telling me what that was about?"

Loki gave a weak smile and waved his hand to him while grabbing his binder. "Come. Let's go to my room. Not much working space in here, anyway."

Tony obeyed and followed the black haired boy down the hall and to the left and into a large room. He didn't really pay much attention to details on what was in it, other than the incredibly nifty king sized bed that took its place in the middle of the grand bedroom. Loki sat down on a large, circled, green carpet, setting down his binder and homework. Tony did the same, sitting with his legs crossed in front of his English partner. They sat there for a moment, just staring at each other. Tony quirked an eyebrow, obviously waiting. Loki's eyes flicked down to his hands, and he took a deep breath.

"Awhile ago, I was feeling slightly depressed," he began, and Tony listened with a spark of interest. "I refused to attend school, and refused to leave the quarters of my room, and just stayed in bed all the time. Thor cared for me. He was worried, and I should've taken notice to that but I didn't. Every night when I slept, I would have these terrible nightmares. I would wake up screaming, but the only problem was that I would wake up not knowing why I was scared. I couldn't remember my dreams at all." Tony blinked, about to interrupt, but thought better of it. Loki continued, looking nervous. "In hopes of giving me comfort, Thor started to…" he trailed off, biting his lip. Tony waited, trying to hold down his patience as he waited for Loki's next words. "Thor started to hold me while I slept. He started to sleep with me." Loki paused, thinking. "And it worked. The nightmares had stopped, and I could actually sleep a whole night without waking up terrified. But… but one night, before I had fallen asleep, Thor had come to bed with me and was already holding me, and…" He stopped for a moment, trying to think for his next words and how to say them. "Well, he started…" He couldn't find the words. The words just wouldn't come! Loki inhaled a deep breath and just said it all at once in a rush, "He started to kiss me and I was still depressed and confused so I just kissed him back and things just got out of hand and now ever since then, he believes that there is something between us, but when I try to tell him there isn't, he refuses to believe me and everything is just all wrong because he's my brother and I don't know why I ever thought of doing that with him!"

Tony sat there, blinking as he tried to catch up. Loki buried his hands in his face. He couldn't believe what just happened. He actually told someone. And it had been Tony Stark! The most popular kid in school! He was going to think he was a freak and disgusting and just spread the word and Loki was going to have the worst High School experience in the wo-

Tony started laughing.

Loki pulled his hands off of his face, dread sinking in his stomach. Here it was. Tony was going to jump up and run off; calling all of his friends to tell them what Loki had just told him. Oh, why had Loki trusted this teenager enough to tell him! Loki should've just done the project by himse-

"Loki, you are the cutest thing ever," Tony chuckled, wiping at his eyes. Loki sat there, mouth slightly ajar in confusion. Stark grinned over at him. "You honestly think that'll scare me off?" He rolled his eyes. "Please. You making out with your brother is totally understandable, I mean- Have you seen him?" He snorted another laugh, enjoying this all too much.

Loki frowned. "Wait. What?"

Tony smiled. "It's okay, dude. You were depressed. You said you were confused. Maybe you still are. But it's all okay, right? Thor must still be confused. But it looked to me earlier like you two had just settled what had happened, 'cause Thor seemed pretty okay with it after his big outburst. Y'know?"

Loki stared at Tony in silence, green eyes wide. Could this human being… this amazing human being… actually be this understanding? He had always thought Tony Stark to be the arrogant rich kid who had always gotten whatever he wanted and had the ladies drooling after him? But now as he stared into those hazel eyes, he knew he was wrong. Utterly and completely wrong.

"Hey! There's the smile I was looking for!" Tony purred.

Loki hadn't noticed it, but a glorious smile had spread over his lips. He couldn't make it go away, so he stuck to just grinning like a love-struck idiot. He couldn't help it. This seriously must be what love feels like. Amazing. Tony tipped his head to the side.

"Oh, should we start on that English assign-"

He was cut off as Loki lurched forward, smashing their lips together and crashing them both to the floor. Tony was obviously surprised at first, but didn't try to squirm away as Loki leaned over him, moving their mouths open and closed in a heated, wet kiss. Tony breathed hard against Loki's lips, pushing them both up and off the floor while somehow managing to keep themselves still attached to each other. He gently shoved Loki against the side of the bed, plopping himself in Loki's lap with his knees digging into the carpet on either side of the black haired boy's thighs.

"So how about," Tony panted between kisses, "that English assignment?"

Loki's hands dropped to grip Tony's ass as he –with muscles Tony had no idea having came from—lifted them both easily from the ground and onto the bed. "Stop," Loki breathed against Tony's lips, "talking." A shiver tickled down Stark's spine at the demanding tone that had entered Loki's voice. Tony was now underneath him, and the taller teen straddled the other, pinning his hands above his head while slipping his tongue inside his mouth. A low moan escaped Stark's throat, and Loki's mouth moved down to the billionaire's neck, licking and sucking at the skin. Tony shuddered beneath him, and Loki quickly moved back to his mouth, biting at Tony's bottom lip.

"Thor was one lucky guy," Tony murmured as he helped pull off both of their shirts. Loki's eyes flashed, bending down and kissing softly at Tony's smooth chest.

"That was one time," Loki repeated against his skin, and Tony chuckled, moving his hands through Loki's soft black hair. Tony grabbed Loki's cheeks and pulled him up to kiss him. He broke the kiss after a moment, hazel eyes sparkling.

"Well, then I guess it's my lucky day."

Loki smiled and pressed their lips together once more, hands moving to grasp Stark's chin as he kissed him, while Tony's fingers dug into the other teen's waist. His hip rolled with lust as Loki deepened the kiss; sliding his tongue in while massaging his against Tony's and sucking at his lower lip. A low moan elicited from Tony's mouth, hips rolling harder. Loki smiled against Tony's lips and paused, slightly turning his head away to stare at the floor at their binders.

"We really should get started on this project," he said as Tony's mouth followed hungrily after his, only stopping when the black haired boy spoke. He blinked, letting out a sigh.

"Yeah, I guess." He hesitated before wiggling his eyebrows. "But we can finish this later?" he offered. Loki chuckled, a noise so deep and seductive Tony grew hard right then and there. "Or maybe right now?" he suggested quickly. A mischievous smirk spread onto Loki's lips as he sat up.

"Maybe later, darling. As for now, we should get to work."

Tony forced back a full-on whine as Loki scooted off of him, and off of the bed to take his spot back onto the carpet. Instead, Stark sat up and joined his partner. At least they could finish later.
OKAY SO UM I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS LIKE THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHE WANTED BUT UH THIS IS A FROSTIRON FIC REQUEST FOR :iconfullmetallock1: Oh jeez I just hope you like it omg :iconflailingplz:

ALSO I don't even know what happened I just started typing and then the next thing I knew I had typed 3,505 freaking words omg AND THEN THORKI JUST SHOVED ITS WAY INTO THE FIC WTF WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME SDFGHJKLJHGF
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