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It took several weeks for the doctors to allow Peter to leave the hospital, which was completely okay with the Stark husbands- as long as their boy got better. At first, Steve and Tony didn't want Wade to see Peter anymore; obviously convinced the teen was a very bad influence on their son. But Peter insisted and wouldn't let them hear the end of it, even after Wade nearly killed him. Finally, they started letting Wilson see and visit their son, again(even though, every night, he would sneak in through the window and sit with Peter and bring him a taco or some sort of Mexican food as a late night snack long before Steve and Tony agreed on letting him see Peter). But, finally, Peter was fully recovered, and was able to return home to the Stark Mansion.

In the beginning, things were a little tenser whenever Wade was around. He tried to tone it down a bit whenever he came over. Some of the Avengers still obviously didn't like him at first(Clint), but after the whole fiasco the first day Peter was taken to the hospital, some of them actually gained some mutual respect slash tolerance for Wilson. But they still kept a sharp eye on him. He tried to convince them that he wasn't going to try to kill Peter again. He didn't even know he was killing Peter in the first place. Had Peter told him he was Spiderman, well they wouldn't be in this mess right now, would they?

But, still. Things were better. Tony and Steve started to accept him. Steve started making them enchiladas every Tuesday for dinner while they watched TV or played video games in Peter's room. Natasha started greeting him a little friendlier every time he would pass her, and he would cheerfully greet her back. Tony even stopped trying to sabotage Wade and Peter's relationship after eavesdropping on them exchanging Valentine's Day gifts, and hearing Wade say he loved Peter after giving the boy a bouquet of chocolate strawberries(knowing those were Pete's favorite).

"Now, how am I supposed to hate a kid who goes and does cute stuff like that?" Tony complained while leaning his head against his husband's shoulder as they stood in the elevator, preparing to go find the two love birds and call them for dinner. Steve chuckled.

"I honestly don't mind him anymore, Tony. I think their relationship is rather cute. I mean, have you seen the way they're always holding hands?"

Tony groaned as they stepped out of the elevator and into the hall, moving down the carpet and to Peter's door. "It's not fair. I can't help but like him sometimes, y'know? He does pretty good things for Peter every now and then. And I even forget that I'm trying to hate him. But then there are the times where-"

Tony pushed open the door, freezing mid-stride with his hand still on the knob. Wade glanced up from where he and Peter lay on the bed; Wilson straddling the teen, with both of their shirts off. Steve rubbed a hand over his face.

"-where he does this?" he finished Tony's sentence, already knowing what was going to happen next.

"You have three seconds to get out of my house, Wilson!" Tony snarled. Wade jumped up, grinning. He quickly winked at Peter.

"Thanks for the fun, Petey!" he laughed, hopping off the bed and dodging Tony's furious attempts to grab him as he ducked and snatched his shirt off the ground. He let out another cackle as Tony missed another punch that was aimed for the boy's gut, but Wade merely scooted out of the way, scurrying away from the man and racing past Steve. "Have a nice day, Mr. Stark!" he called, sliding into the elevator and punching the button before Tony could reach him.

Peter sat up in his bed, his smile quickly disappearing as Tony returned to the doorway, fuming. He wagged a pointed finger at his son's face.

"I never want to see that menace again!"

Peter rolled his eyes. "Dad, I'm 16. I can do whatever I want with my boyfriend, okay? We were just making out, that's all." He glanced at Steve. "Tell him, Pops."

Steve smiled, grabbing Tony's hand. "Come on, Tony. Calm down. They're teenagers. Raising your blood pressure is what they're made to do." He motioned to Peter. "Text Wade and tell him to get his butt back over here. It's Tuesday, remember? I made enchiladas."

Peter laughed, reaching for his phone. "Pops, Wade hasn't even left yet. He says that he's halfway downstairs and 'can already taste the Mexican.'"

Steve chuckled. "Oh, yeah. This one's a keeper. Now put some clothes on."

The Captain tugged at his husband, who was pouting, pulling him to the elevator. The three got in after Peter slipped a t-shirt on, heading down to the dining room to join Wade, Natasha, Clint, Thor, T'challa, and Bruce for some delicious Mexican food.
Ohmygosh you guys this made me so happy while I wrote this you don't even realize that I am practically rolling around in fluff right now asdfghjkl; :iconiloveyouplz:

First part: [link]

Second part: [link]
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o my god! It is so fucking cute! Can you write some more about Wade and Peter relationship? Something more and even cuter? I love it!
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Sure thing c: Spideypool is my favorite pairing ever, so I wouldn't mind writing some more ^^ Maybe I'll even do a kid!fic or something... And thank you!
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Yay!!! I can't wait for more. It will be awesome!
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