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August 13, 2012
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"Spidey?" Wade coughed, his costume ripped in several different places as he stared down at the lifeless body of Spiderman, leaning over him and ignoring the growing sirens and fitful car alarms and shrieking bystanders. "Spiderman?" Is he dead? a voice mumbled. Deadpool nudged him, feeling a smile spill onto his face as he realized he'd finished the job. Easy peasy. Now who's behind the mask? Never hurt to wonder such a thing, especially with a secretive guy like Spidey. Wade reached over, still ignoring the crowd around him, ignoring the shocked and unbelievable faces as they stared at their lifeless hero. This was quite a mess he had made today… the Avengers were probably on their way. Wade sighed, hand lingering over Spiderman's mask. Maybe just… one peek? After all, people deserved to know who-

Wade froze as he slipped the mask off, heart dropping to the pit of his stomach. This wasn't happening. This could not be happening. Wade felt himself fall back on his rear and felt himself scramble back, unable to comprehend what was happening.

"Oh God, Jesus, no, please, no-" Wade trembled, staring at the still body before him. "Peter?" he choked out, feeling the tears already stinging his eyes.

Peter Parker. The boy of his dreams. The boy he'd been seeing for several months now. The boy he'd stayed with, even though his foster dads didn't really like him, even though they didn't trust him. The boy that had put up with Wade's absences due to jobs he had to take. The innocent and lovable boy Wade had simply and undoubtedly fallen in love with. The boy you murdered. No. It can't be him. It isn't him. It just isn't. Wade crawled forward; touching his fingers to Peter's bruised face.

"I did this to you," he croaked, unable to believe what he had done. Peter's beautiful, adorable little face looked horrid. Bruised, bloodied, scratched and scathed. And it's all thanks to you. You killed him.  "No!" he screamed, hearing the familiar rumble of Iron Man's feet jets. Wade didn't even have to look to know that both Iron Man and Captain America, and probably all the other Avengers were there. Which means he has to deal with Tony and Steve Stark for attacking -and possibly murdering- their son. Fantastic. As if he doesn't already have a ton of things on his mind. You did just kill their only child. "Shut up," he growled to himself.

"What was that, merc?" Iron Man spat, his heavy armored feet clanking on the ground as he stepped forward. The noise quickly froze as he spotted  what Deadpool was crouched next to. Wade listened as they all gasped. For some reason, he heard Steve's the clearest.

"Peter?" the Captain cried, rushing forward and kneeling beside his child. Iron Man flew forward, knocking into Deadpool.

"What have you done?!" he snarled, plowing him across the street and into an apartment building wall, cracking several bricks.

Deadpool didn't answer, merely stared straight back at the Iron Man, his mask safely in tact to hide his identity.

"I asked you a question!" he spat, obviously having no patience whatsoever at the moment.

"Tony," Steve murmured from where he sat, voice so quiet, Wade barely heard him. But Tony heard him loud and clear, immediately dropping Deadpool and rushing over to his husband.

Deadpool glanced over at the other Avengers, who were all stepping forward at a respectable distance in silence. Wade counted: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, and Black Panther. Too many to fight. Looks like this is a scene he'll have to bail. Steve gave a sudden gasp from where he kneeled, head shooting up to stare wide-eyed at Tony.

"He still has a pulse- Natasha, call an ambulance, Thor, clear a pathway for the ambulance, and T'challa, come help me raise him!" the Captain ordered, each Avenger moving to obey. Wade stayed where he was, heart thumping hard in his chest at the thought of Peter still alive. But his katana impaled him straight through the stomach. That's gonna be real sore for awhile if he survives. Iron Man was suddenly in front of him, pulser aimed straight at his heart.

"You better say something smart before I blast you to Hell for what you've done," he growled, giving a quick glance over his shoulder. "And you might wanna be fast, 'cuz Steve can't hold me back forever."

Wade lowered his head. "I didn't know it was him," he said quietly. Iron Man let out an enraged snarl.

"That's no excuse! You still tried to murder him! You might have murdered him! You better hope on your life that he's still alive."

"I do, sir."

Tony froze, pulser still aimed at his chest. "Excuse me?"

"I do hope he's alive. I do pray he's alive."

Before Tony could say anything, Wade reached up, pulling down his cowl. Tear stains smudged his cheeks from being pressed by his mask, but now they fled free. Wade trembled, staring at Tony in remorse.

"I do, sir."

Tony stared back at Wade, arm slowly lowering to his side, expression growing clouded. They stood like that for several moments, listening as the sirens grew louder as Thor smashed away with his hammer at all the building debris that blocked the road. Listening as Steve continued to shout choking orders at everyone, holding the expression and voice of a broken father. Wade's vision grew blurry from the tears, so now all he could see was a smudged image of Iron Man standing before him, head hung in defeat with his arms hanging limply at his sides. Finally, Wade listened, and all he could hear then, through his tears and the sirens and Steve's cries, and Thor's clatter, was a faint whisper of Tony's robotic Iron Man voice…

"Me, too."
Halp I can't see through my tears what have I done sweet jesus

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